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Medical Information


The U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the medical professionals, medical facilities or air ambulance services whose names appear on the following lists.  Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department of State or the U.S. Embassy, Addis Ababa.  Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance.  The information in the list on professional credentials and areas of expertise are provided directly by the medical professional, medical facility or air ambulance service; the Embassy is not in a position to vouch for such information.  You may receive additional information about the individuals and facilities on the list by contacting local medical boards and associations (or its equivalent) or local licensing authorities.

General /Internal Medicine:

Dr. Abebe Desta, Internist
              Kadisco Hospital: 
              Mobile: 0911227838                                            

Dr. Akeza Teame, US Board Certified Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease
       St Yared Hospital:
       Tel: 0116454697 /04
       American Medical Center
       Tel: 0116678000/04
         Mobile: 0911512933; 0911195624
       CMC road around Daminarof Buiding
       Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dr. Kebede Oli, Prof, Cardiologist & owner of Landmark Hospital
 Land Mark Hospital
Tel: 011-5525463/011-5525719
              Mobile: 0911212472

Dr. Richard M. Hodes, M.D., Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases
     Mobile: 0911218425

Dr. Gizaw Erena, Cardiologist
        International Cardiac Center 
       Tel: 0114424680/81

Dr. Bekele Alemayehu, Cardiologist
        Addis  Cardiac Hospital
       Tel: 011-551-0653


Dr. Alan Karibian, Senior Pediatric Consultant (speaks Amharic well)
 Pediatric Clinic:
Tel: 015514696
 Mobile: 0921787120
 Address: Olympia, between La Parisian Café and Dream Liner hotel
 *near Mulushewa Sega Bet.

Dr. Kale-ab Tesfaye
 American Medical Center
Tel: 011-667-8007/04

Dr. Mulu Abraham, M.D., General Pediatrics
Biham Children’s Specialized Higher Clinic: -
Tel: 0114160053, 0114760411                 
             Mobile: 0911243252, 091143116809 or 0911216054
 Address: Beklobet dashen Bank area

Dr. Sofia Mengistu Abayneh, MD
Worldwide Orphans Foundation HIV clinic: -
Tel:  0116631114 or 0116610390
             Mobile: 0911203737 or 0921598829
             Private practice on Saturday morning
 Address: Bole Sub City W. 08 H. # 0144

Dr.Yodit Enkossa- MD, General Pediatrics
             The Cure Hospital:
              Tel: 0111245404
              Mobile: 0911 68 43 35
              Address: Near Hamle 19 park

General Surgery:

Dr. Abraham Asnake, General Surgeon
 Kadisco General Hospital, Medical Director
 Tel:  0116298904/02
 Hospital Contact: 0911202924 (Meriam Khalifa)
 Mobile:  0912136903

Dr. Chi Young, Surgeon
               Korean Hospital
              Tel:  011-629-5421

Dr. Tewodros Messele Gedebou, General, plastic and reconstructive Microsurgery, Trained in US (Yale, UCLA), Certified by American Board of Surgery
 ICON Center of special surgery
 Tel: 011-629-8093
Mobile: 0911 8646 72/0913 67 84 08
Address: Around Imperial Hotel, 2 blocks past the NOC gas station, turn left, tall building on the right.


Dr. Mekonnen Bekele, M.D., OB/YN
Addis Maternity and Children Hospital  
Tel: 0111245345/ 48
             Mobile:  0911231440 (W/ro Zenebu)

Dr. Samia Ibrahim, MD, OB/GYN
 Kadisco General Hospital
 Tel: 0116298904/02


Dr. Tolu Duresa, Senior dental surgeon and expert dental specialist/orthodontist 
     Tel:  0116620031   
     Mobile:  0911240022/ 0911236854
 Address: Toneam Dental Clinic, Haile Gebresillasse Road, Rebecca building, RM #301-304

Dr. Yahiya Seid – Gojeb Dental Clinic –
Tel: 0111566521, 0111566296
Mobile:  0911607459
             Address: Piazza

Dr. Tadesse Melaku
 Ethio Swidesh Dental Clinic
 Tel: 011 661 49 32
 Mobile: 0911 1623 89


Dr. Fekade Mengistu, Ophthalmologist,
      Tel:  0116639405
      Mobile: - 0911208308
      Mon, Tues, Wed: - AM; Thurs.: - All day; Friday: - AM
      Address: Bole Eye Care Center

Dr. Tliksew Teshome, ophthalmologist and retinologist
 Biruh Vision Specialized Eye Clinic
Tel: 011 646 39 77
Mobile: 0911 21 67 05
Address: on CMC Road in Ethiopian Athletics Federation Building, 1st Floor

Dr. Elias Hailu, ophthalmologist and corneal transplant surgeon
 WGGA Specialized Eye Clinic
 Tel: 011 618 01 86
 Mobile: 0910 98 96 86
 Address: Bole Medhanialem Haimi Apartment bldg. 1st floor

Dr. Wondu Alemayehu, Ophthalmologist
           Tel: 0111-515-9863
           Denbel Building


Dr. Fuad Temam, Dermatologist, Fellowship in US, Director of ALERT hospital
             Kadisco Hospital
Tel:  0116298904
            Mobile: 0911234937

ENT Specialist

Dr. Es-hak Bedri, MD., ENT-Surgeon,
Onthorio clinic:
Tel:  0118502473
Mobile: 0911203930


Dr. Theodros W. Gebriel (MSPT, DPT), US Board Certified Doctor of physiotherapy & Sports Medicine.   Paragon Physiotherapy & sports Medicine Specialized Higher Clinic
Tel: 0116461108/22, 0118608393 or 0113722829/30
Address: on CMC Road in Ethiopian Athletics Federation Building, Ground Floor


  Dr.  Ginbaru, (M.D) Psychiatrist
   Addis Hiwot Hospital
   Torhayloch Hospital
   Mobile:  0911225886 

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist:

Dr.Yonas Baheretibeb Alemu (M.D), Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist,
  Ass. Professor in Psychiatry
  Office Tel: 0115152215                    
             Mobil: 0911246640, 0911912749
 For appointments: 0911 91 27 49, clinic around immigration area
          0942 12 83 39, clinic around St. Gabriel Hospital area
Address: Addisu Michael Higher clinic

Dr. Zahara Legesse Kauffman MA, MSW
Child, adolescent, adult, couple and family therapist
Mobile: 0943852438
Address: CMC Road Luel-Taz building 7th floor, office # 701

Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Donald E Pearson, MD-fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery
  Tel: 0116295729
Mobile:  0921391746
Address: MCM (Korean) Hospital

Dr. Richard Oliver, MD-Orthopedic Surgeon
 The CURE Hospital
 Tel: 011 124 5404
 Mobile: 0911 51 17 65

Dr. Biruk Lambisso MD-senior orthopedic surgeon and consultant
 Private medical consultancy
 Tel: 011 663 89 82
Mobile: 0911 23 25 07/ 0922 7864 37 (if not answering text message)
Address: TK building 5th floor # 502
Government Hospitals and Clinics with Ambulance Service

Black Lion Hospital    0115511211
Menilek Ii Hospital     0111234272
Yekatit 12 Hospital     0111553065/68
Zewditu Hospital        0115518085
ST. Paul Hospital        0112750125
Amanuel Hospital      0112757715

Clinics For Immunization

Kliniken Swedish Clinic 0113710768 or 0113713363, Doctor on call 0911206291

 Private Hospitals

Addis Specialized Cardiac Hospital   0116180709 / 0116634720
Hayat Hospital   01166244 88 Or 0116614250
International Cardiovascular Hospital 0114424680 /81/82
Land Mark Hospital 0115525463
St. Gebriel Hospital   0116613022 Or 0116613622
St. Yared Hospital   0116454697 /04
Girum Hospital        0112767575
Kadisco General Hospital  0116298904/02
MCM (Korean) Hospital    0116295421/22/23/24/25/26/27

Air Ambulance Service