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Key Embassy Officials
Title Name
Ambassador Patricia M. Haslach
Deputy Chief of Mission Peter Vrooman
Political/Economic Counselor Shannon Cazeau
Deputy Political/Economic Counselor Philip Cummings
Economic/Commercial Officer Aaron Payne
Consul – CON Rafael Perez
Management Counselor – ADM Eric Lindberg
Regional Security Officer – RSO David Walsh
Public Affairs Counselor – PAO David Kennedy
Information Officer/Spokesperson - IO Katherine Diop
Cultural Affairs Officer  - CAO Learned Dees
Information Management Officer – IMO Walter Yates
Regional Human Resource Officer – RHRO
Regional Environment Officer – REO
Regional Refugee Coordinator – RefCoord
USAID Director Dennis Weller
Defense Attaché – DAO Col. Laura Varhola
Regional Program Manager - ACSS
CDC Contry Director Jeff Hanson
Peace Corps Director Broannon Brewer

The US Embassy in Addis Ababa may be reached by calling:  011-130-6000. When calling the above number from outside Ethiopia, dial the country code + city code + phone number, i.e. +251+11+phone number.

U.S. Government Offices and Sections

P.O. Box Telephone Fax E-mail
Embassy 1014, Addis Ababa 130-6000 124-2401
CDC 1014, Addis Ababa 130-6001 465-9567
Consular 1014, Addis Ababa 130-6000 124-2435
1014, Addis Ababa 130-7006 124-2445
1014, Addis Ababa 130-7033 124-2454
1014, Addis Ababa 130-6777 124-2401
1014, Addis Ababa 130-6000 124-2441  
1014, Addis Ababa 130-6002 551-0043
Peace Corps
7788, Addis Ababa 320-0316 320-0315