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IRC Membership Form

Registration Form

Embassy of the United States of America, Information Resource Center (IRC) Addis Ababa Membership Registration Form

Please complete this form if you wish to send your membership application by e-mail, mail or hand delivery to the Information Resource Center (IRC) at the Public Affairs Section, U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa. Please note that all questions marked with * are mandatory.

Our Contact Address:
Information Resource Center
Public affairs Section
U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa
P.O.Box 1014, Addis Ababa
Tel: 011-130-7031
Fax: 011-124-2454

* Full Name:
* Sex: Female Male
* Year of Birth:

* Profession: Please choose your profession from the sample list below or enter your profession in the space provided under "Other".
    Social Worker
    Student (undergraduate)
    Student (graduate)

* Name of Organization / Institution:
* Address:
* P.O.Box:
* City:
* Phone # (Cell Phone):
Phone # (Office Phone):
Fax # (optional):
* E-mail Address:

Areas of Interest: If you would like to receive articles and other materials from the Information Resource Center (IRC) and be part of other programs such as webchats, film screenings, etc, you may indicate your areas of interest(s) below:
    African Issues
    Democracy and Human Rights
    Economic Issues
    Environment Issues
    Global Issues (specify) e.g. Internet, IT, women, child abuse, education, etc.
    U.S. Society/Values/Politics
    U.S. Foreign Policy

What is eLibrary USA?
eLibrary USA is a virtual online library with free access to over 20 authoritative and up-to-date databases produced by GALE, EBSCO, Britannica, CQ Press and Scholastic. eLibrary USA’s collections include but not limited to books, essays, eBooks, encyclopedias, reports, news articles, periodical articles and documentary films on topics that focus on: science and technology; educational resources; English language resources, resources for kids; general resources; current issues; business news and information; arts and culture as well as health resources.

If you would like to get your individual eLibrary USA account, please read the “User Agreement” below and sign to receive an email with your eLibrary USA account information.

User Agreement
By signing this form, you hereby pledge to keep your password private and to not share your password with anybody else as eLibrary USA is for your own private use ONLY and is not to be used in a classroom setting, or to provide research for anyone else. If you violate this agreement, your account will be cancelled.

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