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I am renewing my U.S. visa

I am renewing my U.S. visa

You may qualify for our expedited renewal program.  First, you will need to prepare your visa application.  Then our electronic visa assistant will confirm you are eligible for the program.

Step 1: Take your picture:  You will need a recent photo taken within the past six months, 5 x 5 cm, against a white or off-white background. Photo specifications are very exact. For more information go to photo specifics page.

Step 2: Complete the DS-160 online application.
- Complete the visa application form DS-160. This is an online application form required from all applicants. It simply needs to be filled online only, print the last barcode confirmation page.  The application form doesn’t need to be printed.  You should present the confirmation page only on the day of the interview.

Step 3:  Consult our electronic visa assistant. The assistant will tell you if you can renew your visa by mail, or need to visit the Embassy to complete your application.

Notice: ALL visa applicants are now expected to make an appointment for a nonimmigrant visa interview.  This includes but is not limited to: students (F and M visas), exchange visitors (J visa), crew members (D visa), transit applicants (C1 visa), and all petition-based applicants and their derivatives (H1B, H2B, L1, O1, P1, and R1 visas).  Visa applicants appearing at the U.S. Embassy without a scheduled appointment will not be interviewed.  Additional clarification of petition-based visas is below:

H1 - Temporary worker

L1 - Intra company transfer

O1 - Alien of Extra ordinary ability

P1 - Athlete or Entertainment group

R1 - Alien in religious occupation