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U.S. Citizen Registration

The Consular Section strongly encourages all U.S. Citizens living or traveling in Ethiopia to register online at, in order to make his or her presence a matter of record. This enables us to promptly notify U.S. Citizens of importance matters or emergency situations that might arise.  It also helps the Consular Section’s crisis planning.  We need to know where Americans live and work and how to contact them in order to be best able to assists them in a crisis.  Registering is the first step in this process.

Internet Based Registration System (IBRS):  The State Department’s secure online travel registration website allows you, as an American citizen, to record your foreign trip and residence information, so that the Department of State (including through its embassies abroad) can use to communicate with you and assist you in case of an emergency.  The Internet Based Registration System (IBRS) allows U. S. Citizens to provide and maintain information about themselves, their travel companions and family members, emergency contacts, and their travel itinerary or overseas residence to the Department of State via the Internet.  Registration information for groups of U. S. citizens can also be entered by the organizations such as companies, schools, or travel agencies.  This data will help consular officers to locate Americans in their country in order to relay emergency messages from relatives in the U.S., or during a crisis situation.  You can access IBRS at: