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  • U.S. Ambassador Patricia Haslach Visits SNNPR

    U.S. Ambassador Patricia Haslach Visits SNNPR

    Ambassador Patricia Haslach along with Abdulfatah Abdullahi Hassan, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, traveled to the Southern Nations and Nationalities Peoples Region to meet with local officials and visit programs addressing the issue of child labor, among others, supported by the United States government.

  • Building on our HIV/AIDS Successes in Ethiopia

    Building on our HIV/AIDS Successes in Ethiopia

    On World AIDS Day, commemorated on December 1 every year, we pay tribute to the millions who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS worldwide. We continue to spread the word that in spite of much success, too many lives are still being devastated by this deadly disease. Our task looms large, but our message is simple: Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS Free Generation.

  • Secretary Kerry

    Remembering the Legacy of President Nelson Mandela

    On December 5th, we mark one year since the passing of Nelson Mandela, a remarkable journey of life completed, but a legacy that still motivates all of us.

  • President Obama on World AIDS Day 2014

    President Obama on World AIDS Day 2014

    On World AIDS Day 2014, President Obama thanks all those who are fighting AIDS on the frontlines and are helping the world to achieve an AIDS-free generation.

  • Amb. Haslach Hosts lunch for Women Journalists

    Amb. Haslach Hosts lunch for Women Journalists

    Ambassador Patricia Haslach invited women journalists to a luncheon in honor of her daughter Kiran Herbert, a freelance journalist from the United States. The journalists shared professional experiences and also showed their support for Hanna Lalango, the gang-rape victim who was killed in October, by wearing white ribbons.

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  • Human Rights Day 2014
    Human Rights Day 2014

    Delegates from around the world came together 66 years ago amid the rubble of World War II to sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, articulating fundamental civil and political rights of all people, and reminding each of us of our responsibility to respect those rights.  more »

  • Working With Africans To Focus, Partner, Achieve an AIDS Free Generation
    Working With Africans To Focus, Partner, Achieve an AIDS Free Generation

    Each week, nearly 25,000 adults and 3,600 children die from AIDS globally. This includes nearly 18,000 adults and 3,400 children in sub-Saharan Africa alone. While co-infection with tuberculosis is often the proximate cause of death, the unfortunate cause in far too many cases is stigma. Stigma kills. It’s that simple. While we have made great strides in overcoming stigma through access to HIV prevention, care, and treatment services, work remains to be done. Fear of disclosure still keeps people from seeking help; it delays access to life-saving treatments and it contributes to poor adherence. We are seeing the effects of stigma today in West Africa -- and here at home -- with the Ebola epidemic. We have been seeing it for decades with HIV/AIDS. On World AIDS Day 2014, nearly 35 years into the global AIDS epidemic and more than 10 years after launching the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), it is important to reflect on how far we have come in our partnership with the governments and people of Africa and on how much still needs to be done.  Read More »

  • U.S. Embassy observes Global Entrepreneurship Week with various events
    U.S. Embassy observes Global Entrepreneurship Week with various events

    In recognition of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (Nov 17-23), the U.S. Embassy organized two events to observe the week. On Nov 20, 2014 a panel discussion took place at the Addis Ababa American Corner. Addis Ababa, St. Mary’s and Unity University students discussed with renowned entrepreneurs at the National Archive and Library Agency (NALA). The panelconsisted of journalist Muluken Yewondwossen, Editor-in-chief from Capital Newspaper on “Sharing Economy,” hospitality consultant and 2014 Mandela Washington Fellow Yonas Moges, Owner of Calibra Hospitality Consulting; Simret Abate, Owner and General Manager of Mulmul Bread and Cookies Industry; Hussen Ahmed, Managing Director of Farm Organic International and USG IVLP alumnus; Fulbright Specialist Luke Warford, expert in trade and industry; andHenok Assefa, Owner of Precise Consulting and the USAID business incubator project country manager. On Nov 21, 2014, a Digital Video Conference and networking event were organized with Young African Leader Initiative (YALI) business and entrepreneur sector network members, membersof AWEP and other Embassy contacts who engage in business activities. Audral Shallal, Managing Partner of BOSS Consulting – Paris, has spoken on angel investing and project financing and her presentation was followed by a Q&A session. 

  • USAID Announces $350,000 Grant for Camel and Cow Milk Processing and Collection in Somali Region
    USAID Announces $350,000 Grant for Camel and Cow Milk Processing and Collection in Somali Region

    USAID Mission Director Dennis Weller announced a $350,000 grant to a milk processing plant, Berwako Milk Processing PLC, in Jijiga Town to improve the milk market for pastoralist communities and enhance the competitiveness of the livestock industry in Ethiopia’s pastoralist areas. Berwako Milk Processing PLC was recently built to process cow and camel milk into different dairy products. USAID’s support to Berwako will enable more than 3,000 pastoral and agro pastoral households in Duhusha, Fafan, Bombas, Babile, Awbare and Kebribayah to have access to a more reliable and regular market for their milk. Better access to markets will in turn stimulate more production of milk, improving livestock productivity in the area. The company is planning to export products to Djibouti and Somaliland.  Read More »


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  • 2014 Trafficking in Persons Report

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  • We have made significant progress and issued most of the delayed visas worldwide.  We are working to bring our systems back to full operational capacity. Read More

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